A Letter to Husbands: Dear Mr. Fix-It

Letter to Husbands--Dear Mr. Fix-it

Dear Mr. Fix-it, I am thankful for people like you. We would be sunk without your ability to look at a bad situation and figure out how to make it all better. As quick as lightning, you solve the riddle and make everyone happy. I also feel kind of bad for you because you are the guy your … [Read more...]

A Letter to Husbands: On Serving Your Wife

A Letter to Husbands {On Serving Your Wife}

Dear husbands, Can I fill you in on a little secret? I think one of the best things you can do for your marriage is to serve your wife; especially when she is more tired than usual. Your wife is probably pretty good at juggling a million things at once, but when she gets overwhelmed, you can step … [Read more...]

A Letter to Husbands

A Letter to Husbands

Dear Husbands, I would like to share a simple truth that can do wonders in your marriage. It might sound small, but it is actually huge and very near to your wife's heart. She needs to know you are on her side. No matter what. Under any circumstance. Without a doubt. If your wife finds herself … [Read more...]