An 11-Year-Old Boy’s Open Letter to Sports Illustrated

An 11-year-old boy's letter to sports illustratedDear Sports Illustrated Magazine,

I am writing this letter because I am confused. Yesterday, I was at the mall with my dad because he needed to run some errands. We were having a fun time together. We bought some donuts and hot cocoa and were really enjoying our day. As we walked past a magazine stand, I saw your swimsuit issue. It took up more than one slot, and was right in middle of the other magazines.

I was shocked. I didn’t want to even see it, but it was right in front of me. There on the cover, was a lady in a two piece swimsuit. She was pulling down the bottom of her swimsuit and was almost showing her private parts. (And I do believe they should be private parts.)

I think this is harmful for children to see. My parents are careful about these types of things at home because they want to protect us.  I wasn’t prepared to see this and felt like it was forced in my face. I know America stands for freedom and this is why you were allowed to put that lady on your cover, but why are you allowed to take away my freedom by forcing me to look at it?

I have been taught to respect women. I even wrote a speech for school that encourages boys of my generation to be gentlemen. How are we supposed to treat women with respect when we grow up seeing them  degraded? When boys see women acting this way on TV, magazines, and movies, it makes us think it is normal to view them as just images. I hope there are other people who will also tell you that women are not just entertainment or a way to make you a lot of money. At least they shouldn’t be.

I am mad but I am also confused. Isn’t your magazine about sports? It seems to me you are just seeing how much you can get away with, like a rebellious teenage kid. I play soccer and love sports. How is being half naked a sport? My dad once called you because he wanted to order your magazine but didn’t want the swimsuit issue. He didn’t want us kids having to see it if we checked the mail. You told him that just wasn’t allowed, so he didn’t order it at all. I’m glad my dad stood up to you. Maybe other Dads don’t want this in their home either.

Kids shouldn’t have to ask adults to protect them. Adults should already know how to do this. You either don’t know this, or you don’t care. I may just be a kid, but I know I speak for many voices. I would like an apology from you. If you can’t do that, could you at least think of children in the future, before you print your magazine covers? We are more important than making money.

I went to the mall that day hoping to have a fun time with my Dad. I didn’t expect to have to deal with that. I bet other people feel the same way as I do. Maybe they just don’t think they can do anything about it. Or maybe they are just getting used to it. But I don’t think kids are used to this. They just want to be kids.

Maybe you are trying to keep up with our culture, and so you feel you have to create these images. But it’s an important life lesson to learn to stand up for what is right, even when nobody else does. Just because America wants these kinds of pictures, doesn’t mean you have to deliver them. You can respect women and sell magazines at the same time. And I would gladly grow up and buy Sports Illustrated, if it was really about sports.

Thank you for reading my letter,

An Eleven-Year-Old Boy

(This letter was drafted by my son. He kept expressing to me how mad he was about the cover of Sports Illustrated. I told him that writing is a good way to have a voice so I suggested he sit down and record his thoughts. We talked about how he felt. I edited some sentences for the sake of structure, and I corrected grammar, but these words are his original ideas.) 

Michelle Lindsey

Nice to “meet” you! I'm Michelle, a wife of twenty-three years, a mother to five, a homeschool mom, and a classical education tutor. I want to use this space to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly that is my life. Maybe it will encourage you. Maybe it will inspire you. Maybe it will simply amuse you. Whichever it is, I am thankful you are taking time to be here.

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  1. matthew633 says

    Michelle, it’s great to see such concern from your 11 year old son at his age. I would suggest he send this letter into your newspapers in the letters to the editor etc and see if it gets some publicity. We need more people who are free in themselves to stand for what is right and demonstrate that whilst freedom of speech and action is what we value, respecting people and their worth is what the freedom is for.

    It is a disturbing trend where women (their bodies) are objectified and feature in so many areas to sell a service or product, particularly when there is a predominant male audience. I’ve even started seeing it on men’s t shirts and I know the embarrassment that my sisters feel in when women are portrayed in compromising situations. It makes it hard for men to take their boys and or girls to watch or spectate in these sports activities, magazines events if that’s what we are being exposed to.

    From my experience as a young 24 year old single, there are times where it’s hard enough to deal with the inappropriate thoughts or prevent the 2nd glance at somebody, without it being on almost every newsstand, shop front windows, tv show, action movie etc. I want to learn to treat every woman with the respect they deserve even if they don’t respect themselves. This means maintaining eye contact with them when relating to them (not staring or focusing on what’s not covered) and treating them as you would your sister or mother. Sometimes this can then be mis interpreted as romantic interest, such is the scarcity of respect, but that can be worked through.

    1 Corinthians talks about not defrauding, overreaching or oppressing one another and this is in physical, emotional and spiritual terms. Stephen Olford has an excellent talk called Social Relationships which go through this from a Christian perspective and I’ve found very helpful in getting the right approach.

    We say that we treat people fairly and like to promote the whole situation regarding gender equality but it’s far from it. I went into a general store like Kmart, Target etc and the book section in this store was dominated with the book depicting a girl tied up literally in an encounter with a man. It’s dark and from all appearances it looks like rape and molestation. If someone did that in the street, they’d be in jail for assault, rape etc. However it’s supposed to depict every woman’s secret fantasy and be selling by the millions. Girls today will grow up believing the lie that that is what they want and what men want from them and what intimate encounters are supposed to be. Even the title indicates that there is no standard, no right or wrong, no black or white, just fifty shades of grey.

    I could go on and on. I just hope and pray that God protects those that are His, those who are weak and defenceless and that Godly men and women will arise and protect the family unit and show the world what God honouring, God fearing marriage is and that our children will uphold that standard in their lives and not settle for anything less than God glorifying.

    Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30
    Who can find a virtuous woman? She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10

    • fairfemale says

      Good one Matthew. I have to put the other side of this, I too want to respect all men whether they respect themselves or not. I also want to encourage women to respect all men. Matthew, you wrote “We say that we treat people fairly and like to promote the whole situation regarding gender equality but it’s far from it.” I say that too many seem to think that it’s only men who need to be taught to respect women, but seriously, it goes both ways and things have been going downhill with regards to women respecting men. I’ve heard countless times women talking about men as objects. Yet, most people talk about objectification as if it is only done to women.

      • amy says

        Yes!! Totally agree with this! In sales that soared with the outcome of the February movie 50 Shades. It was heartbreaking to see how many women thought that the beating and raping of a woman(en) by a “hot” guy was deemed “sexy”.

  2. Demetra Poag says

    Wow you must be so proud as a Mother!!! We need more of him, our generation needs young men like that!!!! What a Godly young man you are raising!

  3. Michelle Polk says

    Thank God. I think…..apparently, I think like an 11 year old! I call all of those types of magazines what they are – pimps. They are selling women. I don’t care if the women are getting paid or if they are willing. If there was no market for this, there would be no selling. Books a million has their pimp magazines all the way in the back right beside the bathrooms. Anyone needing to go to the bathroom is forced to get a glimpse.

  4. Mary says

    My 10 yr old son was very upset when he too was exposed to this edition of this magazine. A whole rack (at least 3 or 4 shelves) at Barnes & Noble was filled with them. What made this unbelievable is many of the children’s thinking/mind games & toys were placed right next to this display!! The pic is blurred, but my two boys are standing with their backs to the swimsuit edition looking for mind puzzles. There were board games, Legos, etc. in this area…Why did they need to put children’s fun toy gadgets in the magazine section anyway?
    I posted this on FB and after reading my post a friend tagged me in your article. I am so glad my little guy isn’t the only boy disturbed and upset by this. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Karen says

      That’s terrible Mary. Did you say something to the manager of Barnes and Noble? The placement of the magazine or toys etc could be changed. That was completely unnecessary. I’m no fan of Barnes and Noble but this cinches it.

  5. Dawn Phythian says

    I couldn’t agree more, especially as the mother of 2 sons. How are we to raise our sons to respect women and not treat them as sexual objects when our TV shows, movies, magazines, and video games go out of their way to push the boundaries on what is acceptable.

  6. Angela Kerce says

    As a former public school teacher, mom of a son & daughter, & current homeschool mom, I have problems with the advertisements at the back of otherwise acceptable magazines. I have always puzzled over why such enhancement ads had to be present surely you could found better ways to fund your magazine.

  7. says

    “but why are you allowed to take away my freedom by forcing me to look at it?” That statement is so true. Your son’s freedom and innocence is being stolen from him and he is given no choice. All-pervasive Internet porn is even a worse threat to our children’s innocence. It finds our defenceless children when they are not looking for it. It attacks their eyes and does irreparable damage for life. Why do we stand by and let the Internet pornographers get away with it.

    • Katie Sullivan says

      That statement also seems highly mature for a typical 11 year old. I have a very mature 11 year old myself, but as a pediatric therapist (and mother of said gifted 11 year old) I don’t mean to seem cynical, but I have a bit of a hard time believing this entire thing was drafted by a child of that age without a lot of parental help/guidance/input/ghostwriting… but its getting this blog a lot of page views so maybe that was one of the goals…

  8. kathy welch says

    35 years ago I cancelled this magazine because I didn’t want this issue coming to our home. Unfortunate that this magazine isn’t just about sports. Good job with the letter. You got everything covered in it.

  9. says

    How inspiring! It is so great to hear about someone, especially someone so young, standing up for what they believe in! Thank you for sharing this and teaching your children to live virtuous lives.


    P.S. If you’re interested, has some great tools for encouraging families to take a stand against the objectification of women, as you have done. I think I’m going to order some of their sticky notes to place on my local magazine racks soon.

  10. DelMar says

    Porn is the over-flowing scourge. “The
    city of Zion spoken of by David, in the one hundred and second Psalm, will
    be built upon the land of America, “And the ransomed of the Lord shall
    return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads”
    (Isaiah 35:10); and then they will be delivered from the overflowing
    scourge that shall pass through the land. But Judah shall obtain
    deliverance at Jerusalem. See Joel 2:32; Isaiah 26:20 and 21; Jeremiah
    31:12, Psalm 1:5; Ezekiel 34:11, 12 and 13. These are testimonies that the
    Good Shepherd will put forth His own sheep, and lead them out from all
    nations where they have been scattered in a cloudy and dark day, to Zion,
    and to Jerusalem; besides many more testimonies which might be brought.”

  11. Tracy Paul says

    My children turn the magazines over saying loudly that no one should see things like this. We get looks for this, but I’m pretty sure we see more embarrassed looks from guilty lookers. They don’t just turn over the female covers either. They’ve also been known to embarrass people at the beach telling them they were missing part of their suit. They think it’s important to tell them, especially if it’s forced in their face. It makes me proud of my son and daughters to know that they value their bodies and believe in privacy.

  12. Brett Drvol says

    Thank you for sharing this. I am a 29-year old single man, and I find this in-your-face sexuality degrading as well, and not just to women. It’s degrading to women because it doesn’t respect women as WOMEN, but see women as objects, like the 11-year old boy says. But it’s degrading to men because it doesn’t respect men as MEN, but as animals who only think and want sex, and that people think the only way to be attractive to a man is to show as much skin as possible. It’s annoying that people think that all men want this type of thing, or that it’s the only thing we think about.

    I have a subscription to Sports Illustrated, and there is a way to get the magazine without getting the Swimsuit Edition, which I have been doing for the last 2 years.

    It’s refreshing to see that there are young boys being raised correctly to respect women and not look upon them with lust. I would say that this 11-year old boy is much more of a man than many 20- & 40-year old “men” are today. God bless, kid, and I hope you never change.

    • fairfemale says

      Good one Brett. I see how it’s degrading to men too. As for many 20 – 40 year old men not being like this 11 year old, I can totally say the same for many adult women regarding respecting men, or rather not respecting them.

  13. Traci Golden says

    Did he receive a response from them? I applaud him! As the mother of 2 beautiful girls, I teach them they can be anything they choose. Magazine covers such as these tell them otherwise.!!!

  14. Lauren says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Your son has a beautiful soul, and I know there are many young boys out there that think this way too!

  15. anniekoconnor says

    It’s great to see the young generation today standing up and saying that objectifying women is wrong and needs to stop.

    I guess this comment might be tangential to what your son is saying, but I think we also need to practice (as adults) and teach our children how to respond when we do see such images. Not just in the anger at having to see something you don’t want to, but how do we learn to see these images (when it is against our wishes) but still behave and respond appropriately to them. How do some young people react to seeing these images, with envy? How do owe teach them to address their envy and accept that worth is not tied to the shape of our bodies. How do some young people react to seeing these images, with lust? How do we teach young people to respond to that in themselves, and also to treat people whom they have felt lust for with respect, dignity and humanness, without writing them off as worthless for choosing to pose or dress a certain way.

  16. says

    My 10 year old son feels the same way about woman being inappropriately portrayed on TV commercials, photos, etc. Thank you to your son for expressing his opinions. Our little guys will grow up to be gentlemen because they have Dads who are and Moms who love themselves enough not to exploit themselves and other women.

  17. Michelle Boileau Buchele says

    Sex is still destroying the youth of America as it has been for decades. It is so great to see that some kids have been raised to respect women and are growing into nice young man. God Bless your families.

  18. Time2Refuel says

    Wow! This is amazing. This young man spoke with such respect and clarity. I applaud him for his honor and truth.
    I was wondering if it would be alright to re-post this on my blog because it correlates with a post I’m planning. These messages are crucial and need to be heard, read.

    Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  19. Michelle says

    I need to chime in for a second on something. We have received a few comments from people who question an 11 year old’s ability to write a letter like this. My son is not what I would call gifted. Yes, he excels in certain areas more than others, like all kids. Let me tell you a bit about him. He is homeschooled and attends a part time private classical school. While it is of course hard to be accused of drafting a letter under my child’s name, or “helping” him too much, it does make me believe even more in our curriculum. He has been in an intense grammar course for the last three years called, Essentials. He is also in Institute for Excellence in writing. ( ) In Classical Conversations, they do the exact same curriculum for three years straight, so by the time he is finished next month, he will know the material very well. They memorize sentence patterns, structures, verb tenses and moods, charts, all with a specific goal. They label all parts of speech, diagram, and do question confirmation for each sentence they work on using the dialectic model. When he writes a paper he starts with a basic rough draft. It’s not amazing to start with. The magic comes in as he uses his check list and uses all of the “dress-ups” he has learned for the past three years, such as strong verbs, quality adjectives, similes, alliteration, prepositional openers, very short sentences, who/which clauses, etc. He has written a paper a week for three years using this model, so while I would love to say he is gifted, he really just uses an amazing writing program. For example, in his letter, my son said he thought Sport’s Illustrated was trying to “see what they could get away with.” He used his checklist and saw he needed to add a simile, so he chose “like a rebellious teenager.” With proper tools kids can write well. My son’s classmates amaze me with their essays. It’s exciting to see the quality of work they turn out. I highly recommend considering the classical model for education. It inspires kids to think deep thoughts and ask “WHY?” It is rigorous and creative at the same time. In addition to all of that, he is in speech and debate club through National Christian Forensics and Communications. As his extra curricular activity he writes speeches and goes to tournements with them. His current speech is “How Jane Austen caused him to be a gentleman in 2015.” So the idea of manners, modesty and politeness is on his radar right now. I hope this adds some context to the boy behind the letter. Thanks for reading.

    • sheran morgan says

      Please do not ever apologize for you or your son’s response to this very inappropriate magazine cover. There are millions of normal people who feel the same way!

    • MB says

      Your son was correct and although not every eleven year old may be able to write a letter like that, some children are perfectly capable of expressing themselves. I agree that this type of photo is offensive and I am 75 years old. I have always been unable to understand why women want to degrade themselves for the enjoyment of men. Hopefully there are men who share your son’s take on the inappropriateness of this cover. Congratulations on raising a son who respects women.

    • Holly Nestberg says

      Wow-your son’s open letter was fantastic, and your follow-up here in response to nay-sayers is so encouraging to me. I, too, read his letter with some amazement-I actually wondered how an eleven yr old could have these thought processes. Your additional info has answered all my doubts. I hope Andrew P. sees this letter from your son-it will make his day!!

    • Christie Pride says

      This is GREAT! As an essentials tutor who stands amazed at her children’s writing progress through the CC program, I was reading it thinking “He must be homeschooled, this sounds like kids who learn through IEW” ~ All praises that not only can he write well, but his heart has been given the understanding of what is good – what is pure, and lovely and noble to look at. Praise God that He shines forth in this letter your son has written. Good for you for allowing/encouraging him to speak truth to an intimidating audience at such a young age.

    • VPMom says

      So thankful you are sharing more about your son’s educational experiences, too! We have a daughter who has a written expression disorder, but boy…she knows what she thinks and has excellent thoughts to share! We just sometimes choose to scribe for her rather than having her get bogged down in the ‘work’ of writing down or even typing out her thoughts. Thankfully, she, too has been blessed to access instruction and intervention that have made a world of difference. As an educational advocate for kids with special needs AND a home education parent AND the wife of a post-secondary educator…thanks so much for giving us this window into your lives! Keep raising those kids to be culture-changers and culture-challengers!!

    • G33k4H1m says

      I will confess to initially wondering the same myself (whether or not he wrote the entire letter on his own, though I have no doubt that the sentiments are indeed his).

      That said, to semi-paraphrase Jerry Maguire, “Stop…just stop….you had me at ‘Essentials’ and ‘Classical Conversations’.” LOL My son attends a private school (simply because in Missouri if your son is born after August 1st, that’s it, he has to wait until the next school year) and suffice to say that it’s definitely more advanced than your normal curriculum. I have friends who have utilized Essentials and Classical Conversations, and they’re definitely more intensive than, and turn out better product than, your standard public school.

      You’re raising a fine young man, and I agree with the sentiments 100%. There need to be more men like your young son who are raised to respect women and stand up for them. Hats off to him and to you. :)

    • Todd Uebele says

      Michelle, thank you so much for posting this letter, and kudos to your son for having the courage to speak out! I’m sorry people have questioned you on this. I think that people find the magazine cover hard to defend, so they have to find another point to pick at. We home school our kids as well. While my 11 year old is not as advanced in writing, he is in math. My boy started doing algebra when he was 9. Every kid has their gifts in certain areas and knowing my own kids, and how I raised them, I have no doubt in the brilliance and moral courage of your own 11 year old boy. Don’t change a thing in the way you are raising him…he is going to be a fine man when he grows up!

    • Meccara says

      I too homeschool my children. Not because they were gifted, although in all honesty I believe they are, but because by the time they would have been in kindergarten they were reading regular books. As a teacher of 20 years, I see amazing kids doing amazing things all the time. They can and do surprise me on a regular basis. Your son, through hard work and diligence, has excelled and can create truly great writing. The idea of rewrite and refinement has gone away in much of education and writing truly improves with extra work! Thanks for posting such an excellent argument against the exploitation of women. Your son is a good example of what I hope the next generation of the leaders of our country will stand up and fight for.

    • Helen says

      It is nice that you shared you’re son’s background, and I’m sure it all plays a part, but I never questioned that the heart of the message was his. Then putting it all into words, some kids are just born with the ability. My daughter, when she was still learning to talk – maybe a little over 1 yrs old, she was trying to say something that I was having a hard time interpreting. Finally after asking her to repeat it a couple of times, getting frustrated, she finally said, “I put it in the Trash!”… then it dawned on me that she was first trying to say “Garbage” but thought of a synonym when I didn’t get it (one, I didn’t even know she knew more than 1 word for ‘garbage’ and two, that she figured out a way to get her message across). At 2 and a half, when her Grandpa died, I remember her making me cry, because we were having an almost “grown up conversation” (with her doing most of the talking) but using her toddler-based ideas. She’s about to be 6 now, and she’s always communicated (in vocabulary and in delivery/pronunciation) better than a lot of other kids, even those that are much older. So, yes, I believe very much so that your son was quite capable of writing this letter (and I’m happy that you encouraged him to express his frustration in this manner and that you also helped him to deal with the situation and his feelings, too). Hoping that the message is received well by SI and other similar magazines.

    • Michelle says

      He really enjoyed your letter. Thank you! I shared it on my Facebook page as well and it generated great discussion. Actually, after he finished reading your letter he stood up and clapped slowly. It was pretty great.

      • Justin says

        Hi Michelle. I just read the letter from your son, and I am both angry, yet hopeful. I am angry, that children are being exposed to such obscenities and perversion. But I am hopeful, because I see a young man standing up for his beliefs on how women should be treated. More people need to do this.

  20. Gerty Diet says

    he is in an intense classical school, did you read the mom’s comments? My kids were writing like this as well, as they were in a school like this, that actually “teaches” and the kids practice and are expected to write at a certain level. You might be used to the regular schools where kids don’t really learn anything.

  21. Michelle says

    I agree, other magazines are awful as well. But this one is the one my son was clearly bothered by. I was in the gym reading while on the treadmill and I couldn’t believe how trashy the magazines were. Shocking. I haven’t picked one up for a few years, and boy have things gone downhill.

  22. Jenny says

    What a great idea to have him write that letter. My son hates going to our local mall because of the larger-than-life-sized murals of half-clad women advertising Victoria Secret. I never thought to have him write about it.

  23. says

    When God is slowly pushed aside in a society, another person takes his place. Long after we’re gone, folks will look at the remnants of this country and dig up all the meaningless “In God we trust” coins, broken statues/statuettes and like.

  24. Kimberly Rae says

    Thank you so much for this! Can I repost it on my blog? I’d definitely site this website for credit. (My site is about fighting human trafficking and exploitation and this would be so perfect.) Thank you! Kimberly Rae

  25. Tilda Harder says

    Where does freedom get it’s ‘right’ from? I feel so grieved for the children and youth exposed to porn in the name and voice of freedom. This 11 year old boy was angry that he had to deal with this, and rightfully so. The kids have enough to deal with. Wherever freedom is used for harm it should be taken away- just like a child who loses his or her privileges for something done wrong. The adults who are catering to the masses to sell their wares do not care about rights and freedoms because it is in our face’s everywhere we look. Freedom of this sort should be covered with a wrapper to protect innocence. These days it is difficult, if not impossible, to purchase anything that is not sealed for our protection. This protection is to keep medications and foods from being tampered with. But the innocence of children is being blatantly and tragically tampered with, without protection. This is a silent non physical sexual violence perpetrated in the name and voice of freedom. If our soldiers die for the cause of our freedom and our freedom came with the loss of their lives, freedom was not free. Jesus died for our sins that we who receive His sacrifice for our sins, might be saved from sin and death and be free, still freedom cost Jesus everything. Freedom without responsibility to another’s well being should never be presumed. Sex is a best seller that covers billboards, mall walls, and magazine covers but to use freedom ‘language’ to perpetrate evil, is evil. I hope this boy’s letter finds it’s way to every magazine editors desk. Bravo!! young man. You are more man, than many men are these days. And bravo to your dad for encouraging you to speak out! Refreshing!

  26. teach123 says

    I have two daughters: 8 and 12. I pray that one day they’ll marry a man like the one your son will no doubt become. Good work, parents!

  27. kramxe says

    Kudos to the young man for writing his thoughts down, and getting them to somebody in a position to make a change. Our society is so driven by emotions, passions, all in the name of freedom. Rather than seeking truth, implanting truth in the mind and heart, and letting it be expressed in external behavior, we are allowing external behaviors work from the outside, forming our minds around what the world believes (e.g. swimsuits passing off as sports, placing provocative looking women on the front covers, etc). How can we moved from this outside-to-inside living, to the inside-to-outside pattern? Change will not happen apart from an inside starting point – truth, right and wrong.

    Secondly, kudos to your family for getting your son into a rigorous educational program. You have proven to the world that an 11 year old can not only think, but can express those thoughts in writing. Good communication skills, both written and verbal, are in very short supply, especially in the younger generations. Most of our schools are not educating the students in these skills very well. We have settled on mediocrity, and it is now really showing its ugly head as these young people flow into the workforce. I encourage you, and your son, to continue to pursue further development of these important skills. Clearly, he has an excellent start. The details of the educational program show that it takes work, something that most parents and students are unwilling to invest. We seem to be willing to devote lots of time and energy to putting a ball in a hoop, throwing a perfect spiral, or dancing on our toes. But, development of good communication skills, well, not so much. [I'm sure your son can pick apart my piece here -- end to end!]

  28. fairfemale says

    Hi, great letter. So mature for his age. I would like to add something to this whole area “I have been taught to respect women. I even wrote a speech for school that encourages boys of my generation to be gentlemen. How are we supposed to treat women with respect when we grow up seeing them degraded? When boys see women acting this way on TV, magazines, and movies, it makes us think it is normal to view them as just images. I hope there are other people who will also tell you that women are not just entertainment or a way to make you a lot of money. At least they shouldn’t be.”
    I’d like to say also please can we stop seeing scantly clad men on TV, movies and adverts. I don’t like seeing magazines which ‘tempt’ with promises of pictures of almost naked male celebrities inside. I don’t want to see ‘family shows’ (Strictly Come Dancing in the UK is just one such show) where women lust over men’s bodies and tell them that next time they could wear even less. I don’t think it necessary to have a man topless in order to sell razors! I am sure that seeing men in these degraded ways affects girl’s/women’s respect for them. Plus we don’t teach girls to respect boys and men as the emphasis is on teaching boys to respect girls and women. Somehow there is this idea that females just automatically respect males and it’s males who need to be taught but this is not true and we have a situation now where there is much disrespect for males. I heard one schoolboy say on tv “We have to respect girls, but it’s not the case the other way round”

  29. Michelle Mangold says

    Way to go mom, dad and family. This is an encouragement to all families. Women are people and it is right on what your son has said. Our children should have the freedom to feel safe in public places. Why isn’t that freedom being talked about? Right on family…I pray this letter makes a difference around the world.

  30. theonlyone says

    Did you really just insult someone about grammar,when you have errors in your run on sentence. Where are your periods and commas? lol

  31. Elisabeth Nickels Kriser says

    Keep up the good work mom!! My 13 year old son feels the same way, he’s even expressed it about the tight yoga pants women are wearing everywhere! Thank goodness for parents who still teach values! The haters or shall we say (the guilty) will always hate.

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