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7 practical ways to fight anxiety

7 Practical Ways to Fight Anxiety

Anxiety can be such a beast. It ruins good days and makes bad days feel impossible. The hardest part about it, is how little others understand unless they have experienced it. Here are some things people without anxiety like to tell people with anxiety: Just tell yourself things are fine Count your blessings. Things could be worse. Let go of control. You should see a counselor. Have you tried vitamin D lights? You need medicine. These aren't always wrong things to say, but they don't help much when you feel like you are crawling out of your skin right at that moment. Many people confuse depression with anxiety and that one really gets me. I will even get asked, … [Read More...]

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To the wife whose husband plays pokemon go...

To the Wife Whose Husband Plays Pokémon Go…

To the wife whose husband plays Pokémon Go... First off, I'm sorry. None of us could have seen this coming. We could have done something to prevent it had we only known. Locked them up. Hid their phones. Gotten rid of our cell phone data plans. Moved to a hut somewhere without  the … [Read More...]

I Make God Look Bad

I Make God Look Bad

I struggle with anxiety. I am a worrier. Sue me. I have been told its probably hard for my husband that I deal with anxiety, and I heartily agree. But its even harder on me. I have also been told that Christianity must not be working because if it worked, I wouldn't be so fearful all the time. If … [Read More...]

From a Man Who Lost His Wife

From a Man Who Lost His Wife: Wake Up and Love Better

Today’s guest post is written by my dad and Tayler’s Papa. He is a man with a big heart who has a lot of life experience. I think his voice is valuable to others because he has a great perspective on the importance of little things. I often hear him speak about how easy it is to love others well, … [Read More...]

Dear Wife Who's Married to a Jerk

Dear Wife Who’s Married to a Jerk…

Dear wife who's married to a jerk, Nitty Gritty Love is a conversation. So when we hear the same feedback from readers, I want to address it. We spend a lot of time here encouraging women, and we are equally encouraged, but when we get this question, I will admit, I sink a little … [Read More...]

Why Fighting Means You Care

Why Fighting Means You Care

Indifference equals hatred.  Wow. That is a strong statement. But I think it is a true one. Our pastor said this in a message recently and it jumped out at me because while I know our marriage has a lot of issues, indifference is not one of them. Now, I may tell my spouse I feel he is ignoring … [Read More...]

Shouldn't We Have Marriage Figured Out by Now

Shouldn’t We Have Marriage Figured Out by Now?

Our kids are in that stage where they have so many paces to be, and no way to get there other than me. I could cut back on their activities, I suppose, but there are certain things I want the kids to know how to do that we can't facilitate at home. Homeschooling has its advantages, but one of … [Read More...]

Why I Cheer More Than I Lead

Why I Cheer More Than I Lead

Never underestimate the power of a soft word. Marriage is full of little hurdles to jump. Sometimes you even have to scale a mountain or two in an effort to make progress. I wish relationships were easier. I wish my husband and I saw things the same way and never disagreed. I also wish ice cream … [Read More...]